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PGP Tool Android poster

PGP Tool

PGP Tool has following features:

  • Open PGP Files
  • Encrypt any file as PGP file
  • Create new PGP keys
  • Import and export PGP keys
Barcode Edit Android poster

Barcode Edit for Android

Barcode Edit has following features:

  • Read barcode information
  • Create barcode as image file
YR Drive Easy Connect poster

YR Drive Easy Connect

In order to use this application you need to buy a device from Yılmaz Redüktör (

  • Read and write parameters of Yılmaz Motor Drivers
  • Connection to RS485 (Modbus) of motor driver via Bluetooth
  • Monitor some parameters of motor driver
  • Save and load parameter sets
  • Copy parameters from one drive to an other drive
HKSM Offer Platform poster

HKSM Offer Platform

More information at

  • HKSM Offer Platform helps you to receive offers for HSKM products.
  • At the same time, you can review the offers you receive. You can see your past offers.