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PGP Tool Android poster

PGP Tool

PGP Tool has following features:

  • Open PGP Files
  • Encrypt any file as PGP file
  • Create new PGP keys
  • Import and export PGP keys
Barcode Edit Android poster

Barcode Edit for Android

Barcode Edit has following features:

  • Read barcode information
  • Create barcode as image file
YR Drive Easy Connect poster

YR Drive Easy Connect

In order to use this application you need to buy a device from Yılmaz Redüktör (

  • Read and write parameters of Yılmaz Motor Drivers
  • Connection to RS485 (Modbus) of motor driver via Bluetooth
  • Monitor some parameters of motor driver
  • Save and load parameter sets
  • Copy parameters from one drive to an other drive
HKSM Offer Platform poster

HKSM Offer Platform

More information at

  • HKSM Offer Platform helps you to receive offers for HSKM products.
  • At the same time, you can review the offers you receive. You can see your past offers.

File Compression

File Compression

Very simple tool to open and create zip files. Intuitive usage.