Desktop Software:

encryption decryption software

3DES and RSA Tools for Privacy


20$ per Computer with Windows OS

• Any file type can be 3DES encrypted and decrypted. • The encrypted file and its original decrypted file can be compared easly. (3DES) • Hex string 3DES encryption and decryption. • Generate RSA key pair. • RSA text encryption and decryption. • IP based secure messaging with RSA key pair.

Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics Tool


20$ per Computer with Windows OS

• Linear Regression
• Logistic Regression
• Decision Tree
• Random Forest
• No need to code in R
• Import data from *.csv and *.xlsx

encryption decryption PGP

PGP Tool


2$ per Computer with Windows OS

PGP Tool has following features:
• Open PGP Files
• Encrypt any file as PGP file
• Create new PGP keys
• Import and export PGP keys

Serial communication software

Vengito Serial Tool


• General purpose serial communication software.
• Useful to set up Vengito devices.